Ford Introduces the 2019 Fusion

The Fusion has become a popular sedan option since its introduction. The newest models have a variety of improved safety, driver assist features. All models will be equipped with “Ford Co-Pilot360” technology. The system includes automatic emergency braking, blind spot information, pedestrian detection, lane keeping alerts and a rear backup camera in addition to automatic high-beam headlights.

The blind spot alert system uses sensors that continually monitor all of the areas around the vehicle. Drivers receive audio and visual alerts should vehicles get to close to your vehicle on the left or right side. The lane keeping system causes the steering wheel to vibrate should a driver accidentally venture into the wrong lane. The cruise control automatically adapts to apply the brakes or to accelerate depending on the speed of surrounding traffic. Explore all of the electronic and technological features of the new Ford Fusions by visiting our Andy Shaw Ford showroom.



Categories: New Inventory
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