Stay Safe in the Ford Transit Connect

Drivers in Sylva who are a bit wary about operating a larger vehicle should take a look at the new Ford Transit Connect. This popular cargo van and passenger wagon is engineered to keep you safe and stable on the road. Models at Andy Shaw Ford have a Side-Wind Stabilization system as well as Roll Stability Control.

The Side-Wind Stabilization system uses an array of sensors to monitor your movements on the road. It can detect when strong gushes of wind start to affect the van's stability. To counteract any lateral movement or rocking you may experience, the Transit Connect automatically applies the brakes on one side.

The Roll Stability Control feature works very similarly. However, it can prevent issues when you're driving on difficult roads. It can help you maintain control on slippery roads to prevent skidding or rolling. When the van detects trouble, it can modify engine power and apply selective braking to certain wheels.



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