The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Provides You With Options

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is a vehicle designed to transport the family, but it is also widely used by businesses and organizations to transport members and clients to a number of events. This vehicle is all about convenience, and it provides you with a number of options to meet your needs.

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon offers you height and wheelbase options. This vehicle has low, medium and high roof options. There are also various wheelbase sizes. These options are in place so that the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon can transport anywhere between two and 14 passengers as needed.

Engine options are important because each driver has different power needs. The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon has three engine options. The standard engine is the 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V6 that will provide up to 275 horsepower. The largest engine is a 3.2-liter Power Stroke diesel designed for those who will put this vehicle to heavy use.



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