The Ford Focus Is More Than a Cute Car

The Ford Focus is more than just a gorgeous ride. It's a performer. Many consumers sleep on its capabilities, but we at Andy Shaw Ford know how much of a gem it is. Here's why you should consider buying one at our office.

Ford released several trims so that you could choose the one that would meet your every need. The base model has a 2.1, four-cylinder motor that is both fuel-efficient and speedy. The little money-saving engine puts out 160 horsepower, which is more than many of the other vehicles in the category produce. If you need a lot more kick, you can opt to buy the RS model. The RS will offer you 350 horsepower and a whole lot of fun. As far as fuel-efficiency goes, you'll get a lot out of the Focus. It can be your daily driver, your workhorse or your best friend.

On top of everything else, the Focus is affordable. Its pricing demands are fair enough for anyone to meet. Come to our dealership near Sylva for a test-drive and some additional information.


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