The Rugged Nature of the Ford Ranger

Do you need a strong truck that can handle your work and excursion needs? If so, look no further than the Ford Ranger. The new model's attractive exterior hides its sturdy features. See what makes the Ranger one of the toughest vehicles on the market.

Steel is at the heart of the Ford Ranger. This model features a high-strength steel frame to give the Ranger a solid backbone. This steel frame is supported by six cross-members. This steel structure helps you make the most of the Ranger's off-road capabilities. The structure continues to the bumpers which are directly connected to the frame. The Ford Ranger is truly a truck of steel.

Two-stage parabolic leaf springs maintain the Ranger's smooth ride on the streets and off road. The spring design makes gives the axles more flexibility when traversing different terrain. Support is provided by the rear shock absorbers which help keep the Ranger's body upright and assist in cornering. These components ensure that you stay in control of the Ranger under different conditions.

If a test drive of the Ranger interests you, stop by Andy Shaw Ford.



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