What Is Your Trade Worth?

Majority of our customers that come in to buy a vehicle are planning on trading one in as well. We accept all makes, models, and conditions. The big question people have is: How much is my trade worth? Often times, people think what they owe is how much their vehicle is worth but unfortunately, that is not the case most times. The trade-in value of a car is based off of market price in the Sylva, NC area, and can be affected by the condition of the vehicle i.e. whether it has ever been in an accident, if the seats are torn, dents and dings, etc.


There are lots of free appraisal tools to help you get an idea of what your trade might be worth. On our website we have a trade in tool for your convenience as well.


You can locate the tool under the “Finance and Specials” tab



From here our KBB trade in tool will walk you through the steps of getting a trade estimate on your vehicle. Make sure to fill in all the boxes to get the most accurate value.


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