Safety And Convenience Technology In The Ford EcoSport

Andy Shaw Ford is the home of a compact SUV that is roomy, stylish and comfortable. This SUV is the Ford EcoSport. This vehicle is reliable, and it has the features that drivers want. The technology features on the Ford EcoSport provide both safety and convenience.

The BLIS System on the Ford EcoSport has technology to keep you safe. This is a blind spot detection system that uses radar to spot vehicles coming up on the side of the EcoSport. When you attempt to change lanes, the system will alert you if there is a vehicle detected in one of your blind areas.

In this day and age, people want to stay connected. The Ford EcoSport helps. There are several USB ports located throughout the vehicle. There is also a 110V outlet in the back of the Ford EcoSport, so you can have power for all the devices that you want to take on trips.



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