Comfort for All in the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is a vehicle that's built with comfort and convenience in mind. The popular full-size passenger wagon has a spacious interior that's flexible enough to meet your unique needs in Sylva.

Depending on the particular model you get at Andy Shaw Ford, you can fit up to 15 people inside the Transit. If you don't need all of that passenger space, the seating arrangement can be modified in minutes. You can flip down seats to create more room for luggage and cargo. When all of the rear seats are collapsed, you're getting up to 100.5 cubic feet of cargo space on extended-cab models.

Thanks to the available power-sliding door, loading up has never been easier. The door is large enough to accommodate specialty equipment or let multiple people out at one time. Best of all, it's all controlled by a single button push. The sliding mechanism is smooth, effective, and effortless.


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