Witness Triumphant Technology with the Ford Edge

When compared to the renowned Ford Edge, no other midsize SUV stands a chance. In fact, the juxtaposition isn’t even close to being fair, especially when you take into account the prestigious technological advancements that are exclusive to this automaker.

The inclusion of FordPass is a stunning game-changer. This all-in-one app enables total control over your vehicle from afar. It performs like a virtual key to make locking and unlocking doors an effortless endeavor. The interface is also equipped with FordPay for rapid financial transactions, and FordGuide will revamp your navigation capabilities completely.

Extensive Amazon Alexa integration is also enabled by the futuristic SYNC 3 AppLink mainframe. This in-depth software delivers real-time traffic updates to make traversing Sylva a cinch. You can also access Amazon Prime for instantaneous shopping on the go. If these amenities sound appealing to you, then there is no reason to delay a test drive with Andy Shaw Ford. These experts will gladly show you everything.


Categories: New Inventory
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