If you love the roaring of the Ford Mustang engine, but you’d like to have a quiet time in some driving situations, the active exhaust system is ideal for you. This system, which is now available for all Ford Mustang models, allows you to lower the sound level coming from the exhaust system. In the morning and when you are driving through quiet neighborhoods, you can bring the sound level down to 72 decibels on the Quiet Mode. If you want to feel more rumble, but without distracting the neighbors, you can turn up the volume to 76 decibels on the Normal Mode. The Normal Mode is versatile, and you can take your Mustang wherever you want without any issues.

If a loud roar excites you, the Sport Mode and the Track Mode offer you the loudness you need. These two modes are ideal when you drive on the highway or when you are racing on the tracks.


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